Photography by

Johann Bjurhagen


Hi there!


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How nice of you to drop by! I'm gonna do this presentation very short! But first, if you came here looking for Bjurhagen Cable, please go to instead. They bought the brand Bjurhagens Cable many years ago. And yeah, it was my grandfathers company when it was located in Malmö.

But now, my favourite subject: ME :-)

I am a 50+ computer geek working for IKEA. I live in Älmhult, Sweden just outside the village. Close to the nature, but still just a couple of minutes to work. I have two kids, a cat and a fiancé. And as you probably have realised, my hobby is photography. I prefere nature photograpy, but lately it has been much on the kids and the cat... Just stepped up my game and went for full format. And yeah, I go Nikon... The gear consists of a D810, a D7100 and too many lenses...


But now, let's check out my pictures. Do that by clicking here!

Enjoy! But please remember that all photos are the property of the photographer and may not be used commercially or otherwise without written consent.