About me

As you might have figured out by now, my name is Johann Bjurhagen. I live in Älmhult in Sweden with wife and two kids, Filip and Tilda. I work at IKEA at the IT department. Born 1966. Likes gardening, fixing on the house, photography (obviously) and music. And no, I do not play any instruments and I do not sing (even the kids tell me to shut up when I start singing).

I have however found some new and really interesting bands such as Airbourne, Hellvalla Burn, Bullet and more. Check out my Spotify profile for more music. Follow me on Spotify


Since I stopped growing up at 25, I finally (after 3 years of thinking about it) got me this nice tattoo. The picture is taken just after I got home with it. It's done in Kalmar at Evil Design. And it looks even better now :-)

For those of you that wondered about the Bjurhagen Cable link on the first page: Leon Bjurhagen who founded Bjurhagen Cables were my grandpa and we try to keep the family name alive. Bjurhagen Cables does not exist anymore as a company and I actually do not know if it exists as a brand anymore. But if you have cables in your house marked with the Bjurhagen logo, you can sleep well at night :-)

Now you know all about me! What do I know about you???